Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I was having text sex with a new bloke (who, from now on I will refer to as 'The Engineer' - though I'm pretty sweet on him, so it seems a bit harsh to categorise him) and I realised JUST HOW LONG it's been since someone actually went down on me and gave a shit about what they were doing. I reckon it's about TWO YEARS!! Christ! No wonder I'm fucking miserable... This needs rectifying!

I've been reading a book on how to overcome low self esteem; The Ex has a lot to answer for I can tell you. Me thinking it's acceptable to forego oral sex is one of those things.

Good news; my new kitten was born yesterday... His parent's name's are 'Dazzledots Total Eclipse' and 'Glitterglam Pussy Galore' - how camp is that? I'm going to have to find a really masculine name for him. What could be better than 'Machiavelli' or 'Mac' as I knew him?! Suggestions on a postcard please; though I'm considering Arthur - after Schopenhauer.

If anyone would like to donate £10 to the 'Princess can't live without a baby (cat)' fund then let me know... Arthur will cost me £500 and the vet bill for the tests on my baby was £154 - not sure how much 'euthanasia' costs but I'm sure the bill is in the post.

Thank you for the love and stuff you have sent... I'll keep you updated with pictures of Arthur (anyone with me in thinking I may have named him already?) as they come through.

PS... I've quit smoking.


Mr Grim said...
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Mr Grim said...

*smacks blogger with a hefty iron bar until it stops twitching for being too picky about passwords*

Bloody thing.

Now, i was trying to say that i agree you have named him already ^_^

If 'The Engineer' is PC based, better check he's not one of these 'addicted to internet porn' blokes - those geeks are a funny bunch.

The Princess said...

He's a 'proper' engineer. Not a PC in sight.

Newbie said...

Count me in... I'll donate a tenner

You do know that you can get a cat for free though right?

The Princess said...

Yeah but I really want another Bengal. I know it's naughty but I looked at normal cats in a rehoming centre and thought about all the things that my Maccy Baby used to do - I am trying to replace him after all - and thought I NEED another Bengal. Oh Yes.