Monday, 21 January 2008

Ha ha!

Nothing much to report I'm pleased to say. I have just bought a load of cheesy music that I can sing along to when out on appointments or bored stiff at book fairs or, indeed, out for a run! Newbie; you would be proud of my selection I'm sure. Further to this my boss told me today that there is a strong chance that I may win the opportunity to meet the Spice Girls (so strong it is as he's going to ask a member of staff to draw a name from a hat - little will they know that my name is the only one in there!). This is going to be absolutely thrilling for me. I was too cool to like the Spice Girls in their heyday (though I knew all the words to their songs and some of the dances) but now that they dress in Roberto Cavalli I feel well within my rights to be a super fan.

I have become a little disenchanted with certain friends for babbling meaningless twaddle (even more than I do) when I am trying to concentrate on the more important things in life and I'm trying to think of ways to associate with people who want to do something and get somewhere... Suggestions on a postcard please!

The main focus of my attention at the moment is trying to get myself into a position where I can actually afford to live on my own. This, I believe, would bring me a vast amount of security. I would be able to concentrate on my dreams much more effectively I'm sure if I didn't have to worry about how to pay the bills. At present though - thanks mostly to my father - the wolf is being kept from the door and I have enough space to consider my next move.

Haven't smoked for two weeks now... My flat looks and smells beautifully clean. My kitten is now two weeks old (he was born on the day that I quit) and it won't be long before I can meet him for the first time. How exciting!


Mr Grim said...

Aww the mighty warrior princess held in awe by the spice girls. There's something sweet, yet beautifully ironic there. How cute ^_^
I agree and am proud with your focus on getting outa debt tho and buying a kitten may be just a tiny step back into the abyss, however I think its fair to say your a catnut and your avid readers will probably forgive you :) Debt sucks, i've been there & it killed my old life but there is light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it's not just an on-comming train. :)

Oh, and uber grats on holding to your non-smoking! w00t!

Newbie said...

I am sure I would approve of terrible cheesy crap music, though I have developed SOME taste in my old age. Well... a bit.

I am so proud of you for working all hard and getting yourself on track. Keep up the good work - it will all be worth it in the end!

Clare said...
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The Princess said...

Awww... Thanks guys. You've given me a stoopid grin and a lovely warm feeling.

Love you both. xx