Monday, 5 April 2010

Doesn't Anyone Want to Fall In Love Anymore?

I went out in town the other day only to find myself drowning in a sea of naked flesh. All of the young women displaying the attributes that God had blessed them with in the vain hope that a man may bless her with his attention for the evening. The whole experience made me feel sad for womankind. Like somehow the efforts of our fore-mothers had gone to waste because despite Germaine Greer's attempts to get us out from behind vacuum cleaners all women had done was use their liberation to become nothing more than animated blow up dolls... the media re-boxing us from our category of 'wife and mother' and into a new category of 'sex object'. A different kind of sucking.

It's the media who champion Katie Price as the new-age feminist when all she really does is pander to men's desires. Despite the wealth, is this woman really empowered? Has she really found 'happiness'?

As much as it may make me sound like a dried up old spinster I mainly blame the women for where we are now. I speak to young men all the time and their attitude is that I should be grateful that they are showing an interest in me, despite the fact that they have nothing to offer in the way of intellectual engagement, morals, wealth, health or general ability in anything. It is the women who have allowed themselves to become objects. It is the women who have championed this detached sexuality; the ideal of looking like a barbie doll, all pneumatic breasts and flawless brows - God help you if you look like you've had some kind of life experience... that would be so UGLY.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet someone, in a bar, who is under 30, who would actually be interested in getting to know someone new. Not because she is wearing a tiny boob tube or a ridiculously short skirt but just for the sake of learning something/someone new. For the sake of being interested in humankind.

Being an independent, empowered woman is not about how many people you can have sex with. It's not about becoming some manifestation of the ideals projected by a lads' mag, it's about looking in the mirror and saying 'this is me, my natural beauty' and being confident that you are attractive.

I see so many women offering their bodies up; there is no need for personality. And so many men accept this as the natural order. Personality comes nowhere, is non-essential. What ever happened to 'boy meets girl'?