Friday, 28 December 2007

How annoying?

Look - I don't know why this always happens to me, or what I do, or how I do it. Another bloody fucking manager has decided that he 'fancies' me as he put it but it seems to me a little bit more like an infatuation.

I swear to God I didn't encourage it this time (unlike last time the man is old enough to be my dad and married with two children and not remotely close to fanciable). I've just been myself; worked hard; not been a pushover and generally shown that I've got some 'balls' and the mutherfucker is falling all over himself to the point that I had the day off sick today and he text me four times saying that he 'missed me'.

What the fuck is wrong with him? I mean; he obviously loves his wife, his children and his life - so why the fuck does he think that the smartest idea he's had all year is to pursue me?

I called him on Christmas Eve and mentioned to him that my new manager had told me he fancied me... He said 'don't do it' to which I replied 'don't you think I've learned my lesson?'

The Carpenter's suggestion was that I sue him but would that really be the best course to take if I want to further my career? Would I then be seen as a liability to employ?

The thing that pisses me off most about this is that at the moment my work life is hard enough without having to worry about the extra hassle of mollycoddling a male ego. The ex would be loving this if he was around; seeing it as proof that I'm unable to control the sexual dynamic of 'sales'. Is this true? Or is it that the men in my life can't handle it? They can't categorise it as what it is. I must say that I've never used any kind of sexual prowess over my manager but possibly over potential clients while he was present. Is he contaminated by the overspill? Must I take responsibility for this?!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

I meet another man that brings out the meany in me...

My darling cousin invited one of her many suitors to her house last night. It wasn't particularly difficult to imagine the kind of 34 year old man who would be chatting up a 21 year old - I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but within the first 15 minutes he'd asked me about 5 times whether he was more attractive than I imagined and made comments on my weight (he likes really thin girls). The conversation thereafter went like this;

'You know - I'm a male escort.'


'Yeah - would you pick me if you were going to hire an escort?'

'I don't know. What's your 'unique selling point'?'

'Well apart from the obvious; good looking; great body; I can talk really posh when I want to.'

'Well you just made a mistake in that sentence.'

'Look; I've just drove...'

'Er - 'driven'.'

'I don't like you.'

Er yeah; but am I bovvered?!

Thursday, 20 December 2007


My Black Moor; Token, has just accidentally SWALLOWED one of my catfish WHOLE!!

He was hoovering up some food pellets at the bottom of the tank and my poor little catfishy got in the way. Token wriggled around a bit but didn't spit him out. I'm devastated. I'd just been thinking how happy they all looked and then tragedy struck!

I'm going to go now; I need to mourn.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Strange things

Strange goings on in the land of The Princess. It just so happens that The Carpenter's friend rents a flat to my cousin. His friend also happens to be in a relationship with my best friend and they (said friends) live out in Spain.

The Carpenter was asked to go to my cousin's flat to fix a few things and I heard through the grapevine that he'd told his friend that he was seeing me. Then! His friend rang my cousin and said that 'The Princess's boyfriend' would come round to check out the problems. What's this?! Is it possible that I have once again accidentally acquired a boyfriend (I don't think I've told the first story on here. Perhaps I will one day) again? Apparently he doesn't want to commit to anything with me but is happy to let his friend's know that we're seeing each other. Funny things these boys... I think I could live until I was 109 and still not work them out. Does this mean that because he has said to his friend that he is 'seeing' me (even though he hasn't stated that the relationship is anything but a 'casual hook up' to your's truly) that I am bound by the commonly accepted protocol of 'seeing' someone? If that is so; where does it end? If his mate thinks I'm his 'girlfriend' then does that mean that I am bound by the commonly accepted protocol of being a 'girlfriend'? So confusing! Though surely both parties need to be in agreement about what stage a relationship (by relationship I mean 'relations between two people' - not 'it's all agreed that we're married and set to have children') is at - regardless of what friends and grapevines say?

I can now see why I was so eager to get some definition. I also think that perhaps my relationship with The Ex has much to do with this; though it pains me to say it. It's very hard to 'go with the flow' when past partners have had you in the gallows for not remaining faithful after the first date.

As it went; my cousin asked me to be there and then a series of events meant that my aunt was there too. He turned up and displayed so little charisma that I know I will have to defend my involvement with him for quite some time. Still - nothing new here really!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

See you in court

Another eventful week. I'm marveling at the sheer amount of admin involved with just simply living - that's even before you've actually done anything.

The Organ Grinder sent me a snotty email objecting to the fact that I had 'made demands, issued threats and deadlines'. Well when you've asked nicely a couple of times what exactly are you supposed to do?!

The more irritating thing about this email was that the man doesn't seem to have a grasp of the English language, stating that his 'position had hardened to ambivalence'. Ambivalence? Are you sure that's what you mean? And finished with 'should I take long than you demand I suggest you take legal action'. I'd rather take him to court for crimes against the English language but I don't think this is possible so I'll take him to court for the £193 that he owes me. For goodness sake if you're going to try to belittle someone then the least you could do is try to make sure you have the words to do it with.

More news on the love life; The Carpenter - who I tossed aside in my last post doesn't seem to be all that bad really... I think I may have got a little over zealous in my 'sorting out my life' mission and ended up being a little too quick in judging him. I'm working on a theory that most men don't know what they're doing really and that's why they get women to tell them what to do. I could be wrong of course.

My second article is coming out on Tuesday and I'm quite excited about it. I've got eight new fish which I impulse bought on Saturday. They're Cat Fish and Danios and they're very exciting. Mac and I like to watch them together. I have only managed to name three of them so far though.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Catch up.

OK - so I said I'd be back and I didn't deliver. I know that my one avid fan missed me because she told me so last night. I apologise. I've no excuse other than that I've been busy trying to sort my life out a little bit...

Bastard ex boss (ex lover, ex him, whatever you want to call him) has underpaid me so I have resorted to talking to the Organ Grinder once again in order to get my money out of them. What a disappointment. I know that 'business is business' but there is always a little part of me that wants to believe that people in business sometimes give a toss about you.

In the ol' love life; I met yet another man who saw fit to exploit the fact that I'm ready to be in a relationship. Despite the fact that we had numerous conversations about neither of us wanting another 'casual' relationship when I finally asked him (after about six weeks) whether it was just sex he replied 'let me think about it' and that's just not good enough for this Princess - another one bites the dust. Despite my best efforts to pretend that I don't care my true feelings eventually surfaced and I felt really let down again. I'm annoyed that as a intelligent woman (I see myself as such) I seem to be continually suckered in by these guys that don't want to make choices. They talk the talk but then when challenged to make a choice they slink off back to their bachelor lifestyle. All I want is for someone to ask how my day has been or to cuddle up on the sofa to watch a DVD with but this, it seems, is a tall order.

Further to that I have bitten the bullet and am attempting to take control of my financial situation. I have even produced a spreadsheet so that I can see exactly what is going in and out of my account each month. I also have a nice little sideline on the go; selling antique books, which not only helps me; but helps my dad which is fantastic as it means I can repay some of the generosity he has shown me in the past. On top of that it stops me from going out a couple of weekends a month so that's a saving in itself!

I have been writing for my friend's music magazine which has given me a creative outlet but has also boosted my confidence in my literary skills. My first article received high praise from the people of Northampton - I only hope my second does as well.

Machiavelli (my cat) has had his balls off and his temperament has changed slightly. He is a little more self important and a touch more grumpy... Rather the opposite of what I expected but he is still the most positive and beautiful thing in my life... I really need to sort myself out.

I'm also back in touch with my cousin and my aunt which is giving me some much needed female company. My cousin is funny and witty and clever and we have been having many fun nights out and in.

I'm back on the internet dating now and I'm sure that this will bring a lot of interesting tales. I also have a date on Thursday with a man I met in a club who actually sounds like he might have something about him... Watch this space.

Sorry it's a bit of a 'summary of events'. Hopefully I'll be back on it now and be able to get back to my usual emotional rants which are much more entertaining.