Friday, 25 February 2011


Hey folks. Thought I'd better bring you guys up to speed just in case you were worried about me worrying or over thinking or getting blind drunk on a series of first dates... It appears that indeed, completely by accident and just the way that you told me it would happen the right man dropped neatly into my life.

I literally just finished with the latest 'not quite right' man. I was seeing him for about a month, he was really keen - too keen in fact. I'd get the same text at the same time every morning ("morning you") and if I didn't reply I'd get further texts increasing in degrees of desperation until I did reply. Too much. Way too much. I tried to finish with him but he was in Sales and he wouldn't take no for an answer so, gutless as I am, I did what a million clients have done to me in the past - I told him I'd think about it and then just hoped if I left it long enough he'd go away.

In the meantime someone who I used to go to school with contacted me; I'd bumped into him for the first time in 15 years the previous year but he'd been away since and had just returned to my home town. I arranged to go out for a drink with him thinking that it would be 'catch up drinks' - not a date and that there was no way having just gotten rid of a clingy bloke that I wanted to get involved with another one...

But guess what? Like you all said, once I wasn't worked up about creating a good impression I managed to do it by accident. We laughed about my blog post and about my friends telling me not to give people 'too much Clare' on the first date. We both got rolling drunk (his fault - he ordered Champagne because he was trying to impress me) and had so much to talk about. It was the first time in ages that I ended up crying with laughter.

I'm still seeing him, and we're coming up to the three month mark (the end of the probation period) and it's going really well. I had a period where I had to stop myself from trying to find things wrong with him (like him wearing slippers and crying at films) but now I'm getting used to this whole relationship lark. He is away all week for work and only back at the weekends so I think that helps to stop me from feeling claustrophobic and also means that I'm always pleased to see him.

In case you're wondering, I did eventually finish with the other bloke properly - I say properly - it was by text but at least I did it.