Monday, 12 November 2007

Why talk to the monkey when you need the organ grinder?

Where the fuck have I been?! Ha ha...

Who knows - but I'm back with a vengeance.

Fucking hell - I've been working sooo hard recently it's just wrong. It's had the desired effect though. My new boss thinks I'm great and I'm on target to start hitting my lucrative bonus very soon. Gotta charm the pants off 'em while making the money at the same time. Make them think that they can't live without you that's the key.

Him? Well - he came back to me saying 'can we be friends?' as the sale of his house fell through and at that point I realised that I have enough friends - friends who don't promise the earth and deliver nothing; friends who tell me the truth so I know where I stand - even if I don't like it; friends who really will do ANYTHING for me and not just say so... So I told him 'no thanks - I've got enough friends'.

For the last three weeks I've been asking him when I'm going to get my last commission cheque. He told me that I'd get it in with September's pay; I didn't get it. I called him and asked him why and he said he'd been waiting for month end and that I'd have it in a couple of days; he didn't pay me. I called him again; asked him when I'd get it; he said I'll let you know... He didn't so I called again; he said that it was going for approval from the MD and he'd let me know; I still didn't hear. I emailed and told him that I needed a definitive answer and he said he'd let me know before the end of the day; he emailed and said that it was x amount and he'd 'let me know' when it was going to be paid. So in the end; I went over his head and asked the MD. Within a few hours I'd had a call from him... Fussing over why I'd gone over his head and what he'd said. A few hours from that I'd had an email from the MD saying when I'd be paid. Monkey vs organ grinder. Who needs a monkey.

God damn I feel good. Now I can move on with my life. Yeah; blokes are still a bit rubbish; my life is a struggle; and the cat is my baby substitute but I'm a published author again; the work front is looking up and I've still got a great pair of legs so FUCK IT!!