Friday, 28 December 2007

How annoying?

Look - I don't know why this always happens to me, or what I do, or how I do it. Another bloody fucking manager has decided that he 'fancies' me as he put it but it seems to me a little bit more like an infatuation.

I swear to God I didn't encourage it this time (unlike last time the man is old enough to be my dad and married with two children and not remotely close to fanciable). I've just been myself; worked hard; not been a pushover and generally shown that I've got some 'balls' and the mutherfucker is falling all over himself to the point that I had the day off sick today and he text me four times saying that he 'missed me'.

What the fuck is wrong with him? I mean; he obviously loves his wife, his children and his life - so why the fuck does he think that the smartest idea he's had all year is to pursue me?

I called him on Christmas Eve and mentioned to him that my new manager had told me he fancied me... He said 'don't do it' to which I replied 'don't you think I've learned my lesson?'

The Carpenter's suggestion was that I sue him but would that really be the best course to take if I want to further my career? Would I then be seen as a liability to employ?

The thing that pisses me off most about this is that at the moment my work life is hard enough without having to worry about the extra hassle of mollycoddling a male ego. The ex would be loving this if he was around; seeing it as proof that I'm unable to control the sexual dynamic of 'sales'. Is this true? Or is it that the men in my life can't handle it? They can't categorise it as what it is. I must say that I've never used any kind of sexual prowess over my manager but possibly over potential clients while he was present. Is he contaminated by the overspill? Must I take responsibility for this?!


Mr Grim said...

hmm, a toughie. I'd sugest talking about the carpenter a lot arround this manager, and mention how the chippie got into a fight over christmas when some random guy looked at you flirtatiously. Also mention the up comming GBH charge and the hospital saying the random guy may be walking again in a few months... See if that cools him off a little perhaps?

Newbie said...

Yes. It is entirely your fault and you should do a relevant penance - lots of housework and only speaking when spoken to.

They are twats in sales aren't they? Just ignore it and don't dwell on it. And kick him in the nuts if he comes near you