Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Strange things

Strange goings on in the land of The Princess. It just so happens that The Carpenter's friend rents a flat to my cousin. His friend also happens to be in a relationship with my best friend and they (said friends) live out in Spain.

The Carpenter was asked to go to my cousin's flat to fix a few things and I heard through the grapevine that he'd told his friend that he was seeing me. Then! His friend rang my cousin and said that 'The Princess's boyfriend' would come round to check out the problems. What's this?! Is it possible that I have once again accidentally acquired a boyfriend (I don't think I've told the first story on here. Perhaps I will one day) again? Apparently he doesn't want to commit to anything with me but is happy to let his friend's know that we're seeing each other. Funny things these boys... I think I could live until I was 109 and still not work them out. Does this mean that because he has said to his friend that he is 'seeing' me (even though he hasn't stated that the relationship is anything but a 'casual hook up' to your's truly) that I am bound by the commonly accepted protocol of 'seeing' someone? If that is so; where does it end? If his mate thinks I'm his 'girlfriend' then does that mean that I am bound by the commonly accepted protocol of being a 'girlfriend'? So confusing! Though surely both parties need to be in agreement about what stage a relationship (by relationship I mean 'relations between two people' - not 'it's all agreed that we're married and set to have children') is at - regardless of what friends and grapevines say?

I can now see why I was so eager to get some definition. I also think that perhaps my relationship with The Ex has much to do with this; though it pains me to say it. It's very hard to 'go with the flow' when past partners have had you in the gallows for not remaining faithful after the first date.

As it went; my cousin asked me to be there and then a series of events meant that my aunt was there too. He turned up and displayed so little charisma that I know I will have to defend my involvement with him for quite some time. Still - nothing new here really!

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Mr Grim said...

ooo the drama! Will he? Wont she? All you need next is the tolken dog everyone loves and the noisy abusive chav neighbours from hell...