Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Catch up.

OK - so I said I'd be back and I didn't deliver. I know that my one avid fan missed me because she told me so last night. I apologise. I've no excuse other than that I've been busy trying to sort my life out a little bit...

Bastard ex boss (ex lover, ex him, whatever you want to call him) has underpaid me so I have resorted to talking to the Organ Grinder once again in order to get my money out of them. What a disappointment. I know that 'business is business' but there is always a little part of me that wants to believe that people in business sometimes give a toss about you.

In the ol' love life; I met yet another man who saw fit to exploit the fact that I'm ready to be in a relationship. Despite the fact that we had numerous conversations about neither of us wanting another 'casual' relationship when I finally asked him (after about six weeks) whether it was just sex he replied 'let me think about it' and that's just not good enough for this Princess - another one bites the dust. Despite my best efforts to pretend that I don't care my true feelings eventually surfaced and I felt really let down again. I'm annoyed that as a intelligent woman (I see myself as such) I seem to be continually suckered in by these guys that don't want to make choices. They talk the talk but then when challenged to make a choice they slink off back to their bachelor lifestyle. All I want is for someone to ask how my day has been or to cuddle up on the sofa to watch a DVD with but this, it seems, is a tall order.

Further to that I have bitten the bullet and am attempting to take control of my financial situation. I have even produced a spreadsheet so that I can see exactly what is going in and out of my account each month. I also have a nice little sideline on the go; selling antique books, which not only helps me; but helps my dad which is fantastic as it means I can repay some of the generosity he has shown me in the past. On top of that it stops me from going out a couple of weekends a month so that's a saving in itself!

I have been writing for my friend's music magazine which has given me a creative outlet but has also boosted my confidence in my literary skills. My first article received high praise from the people of Northampton - I only hope my second does as well.

Machiavelli (my cat) has had his balls off and his temperament has changed slightly. He is a little more self important and a touch more grumpy... Rather the opposite of what I expected but he is still the most positive and beautiful thing in my life... I really need to sort myself out.

I'm also back in touch with my cousin and my aunt which is giving me some much needed female company. My cousin is funny and witty and clever and we have been having many fun nights out and in.

I'm back on the internet dating now and I'm sure that this will bring a lot of interesting tales. I also have a date on Thursday with a man I met in a club who actually sounds like he might have something about him... Watch this space.

Sorry it's a bit of a 'summary of events'. Hopefully I'll be back on it now and be able to get back to my usual emotional rants which are much more entertaining.

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Mr Grim said...

Yay! More update!
Boo! Bad ex boss!
Yay! 2nd income via books!
Boo! Bad slinky lovers!
Yay! Date on thurs!

Phew, what a rollercoaster.. i need a ciggie. Now if only i smoked... or had lungs...