Sunday, 20 January 2008

Love is...

As I believe I mentioned in my last post I've been concentrating hard on trying to sort some important aspects of my life out (mainly my debts and my career) during the self-examination I've been looking into my past relationships and how they've effected my self esteem and as a knock on it's made me think about what I want from future relationships.

It took a while for the penny to drop with me about what love is - this little sequence of events showed me;

The other night my mate J stayed over and she doesn't like my rat, Splinter. I didn't want to keep him locked up all night (he's been completely free range since I had my pussy cat put down) and I always stay on the sofa when my mates stay because I can't stand them moaning about my snoring! So - I brought the rat into the living room with me and shut the living room door. Before I went to bed I took a selection of treats out and left them around the room for him to find on his travels (paying particular attention to ensure that it was all stuff he really loves). At about half past five in the morning he woke me up by biting my nose. Not hard - just a love nip. I gave him a little stroke and thought 'how sweet' and went back to sleep.

That is what I want from my next relationship. Someone who pays enough attention to the things I like and gives me little treats to make me feel happy, is willing to put themselves out to ensure that I'm comfortable and doesn't overreact when I wake them up in the early hours of the morning. If I can do it for my rat the someone can do it for me.

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