Thursday, 17 January 2008

I feel a tiny bit of what Abby Lee felt....

...When her true identity was exposed and all of her 'conquests' read what she'd written about them. I stupidly showed a section of my blog to The Engineer on Sunday thinking that like most of my friends he'd forget it instantly or not bother too look at it or whatever. While texting him last night (yeah I know I'm not supposed to be) I told him that I'd posted about him and he immediately looked it up and started texting me bits that I'd written!! Oh my God! I don't think I've blushed so much since my best mate's mum walked in on me pinning her son down and forcing him to kiss me (I was about 7 at the time and it was, until recently, the most embarrassing experience of my life).

There is something really horrible about someone reading your thoughts about them - particularly if you don't know them very well and even more so if you fancy the person. So yes - very embarrassing. His only complaint was that I made it sound like he'd played me (which made me even more sweet on him). I've asked him not to read the rest and I don't think he will.

He also said that he'd stop texting me when he's sorted out the timer on my immersion heater, which made me feel a bit sad actually.

Good news on the work front; I've laid down the law to my new boss after he told me that he'd 'made up his mind' that he wanted to marry me and that when he makes up his mind that he wants something - he gets it. Scary stuff. So, yeah - I told him that I needed to concentrate on work and that I didn't need any distractions - including him - and that I want to marry a young man! That seems to have sorted him out.

He has also told me that I've been 'marked' by him and the MD for a management role and that he's decided that he's happy with me and wants to keep me but that he hasn't decided about the two other people that he employed at the same time as me. I liked that - gave me an ego boost. Particularly good as I have to bite my tongue while said new starters lecture me about my work methods and ethics. He's also let me in a quite a few secrets that the other members of staff are as yet oblivious to. I have closed my first three deals now which is encouraging. Bring on the Champagne incentives!


Mr Grim said...

Yay! Glad to hear things are possably picking up a little now with your work ^_^
Hope your new boss gets the hint n doesn't turn crappy on you at the same time. IF he does, just pratice your golf swing with a nice bit of 2x4 upon his nuts. Remember though... move your hips and follow through. That'll push the hint home to any male (and most girls too i believe). =)

Newbie said...

You donut... never tell a boy about your blog!! Says he won't read any more and you BELIEVE him??!!? You're in more trouble than I thought!

The Kiwi always bangs on about me telling him where my blog is but I would never ever be tempted as I'd lose so much of my freedom of speech. Long live anonymity!