Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Don't make me ask twice, or three times, or four times...

I know that I'm and employee at the company that I work for but it drives me absolutely insane that I have to ask for (business related) things twice, three times, four times or more before anything gets done about them.

In my opinion, gone are the days in business where a boss can say 'do as I say, not as I do'. If my boss had to ask me more than once for something, at the very most twice, I would feel like I was failing in some way. Why can't I expect the same level of commitment from my seniors?

OK, you could say that they're busier than me, that they don't see the value in what I'm asking for etc but surely the trust should be there in me as an employee so that I don't continually have to justify my requests to simply find a disk that the tech team have lost that I need; or to provide me with some decent data to cold call from? It's so irritating that I'm asking for these things in order to improve my performance and then when they don't provide it, and there's no significant improvements and I point out that they haven't given me the tools that I asked for I'm passing the buck.

If I had the authority to direct the tech team or spend the money on data myself I'd do it but I don't so it's over to management who have more important things to do. What are these things? I'm f*cked if I know.

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