Sunday, 26 August 2007

Redemption of the mister

I've got to write this one because I feel really bad about bad mouthing him. He called me just after I'd posted last night and was on his way over. He was lovely about my friend who's in hospital and asked me if I wanted him to take me to visit.

When he got here we went out for a couple of drinks with some of my friends (making me feel like we're almost a proper couple) and then came back here for some nookie - he didn't even rush off...

Anyway - I'm conscious that too many of my posts are about him at the moment so I've got to talk about something else. My kitten is currently being wildly naughty and making lots of noise (I keep telling him that he's a secret but he doesn't listen). I've tried giving him a toilet roll to play with (usually off limits) and some fresh chicken to eat (his diet is better than mine) but he's still insisting on running around like a lunatic. Still - I'd be more concerned if he wasn't.

I spent the day with my mother today and she said 'we only ever talk about the cats or gossip, don't you think that's terrible'. I asked her if she wanted to have a philosophical discussion and she chose to ask me what I though of as a 'sin'. I replied that I thought it was anything where you harm someone for your own personal gain. The we went back to talking about cats and gossip.

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