Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Spoilt Princess

Well, it was my birthday yesterday. For the first time ever I actually felt spoilt - all because of him. OK, it wasn't ideal that I had to spend the £250 that he gave me on bills but it got me out of a spot... He bought me a beautiful card and some things for my flat; a bottle of pink champagne and then took me out for dinner. All followed by great sex just to set my head in even more of a spin.

He said all the right things over dinner too - like that this was the first time he hadn't felt guilty about being out with me because it's over between him and her and that he's been viewing houses to rent so that he can move out. Part of me is jumping for joy at the prospect that he's leaving her... The other part still doesn't believe that it'll happen (this part has huge support from most of my female friends).

I don't know whether if I could have him all to myself I wouldn't want him but I've got to be honest; when he left last night because he had to be home before she got too suspicious I felt really pissed off (again).

What a fantastically painful experience this is!

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