Thursday, 23 August 2007

Emotional pirate ships..

What a day! Morning started out a bit rubbish with my Technical Director bawling me out in front of the office for getting 'upset' about something that I wasn't actually getting upset about. Yet another example of my tongue-in-cheek humour getting misconstrued. I told him that I wasn't getting 'upset' but he assured me I was.... Not much I could say then so I just let him have his rant. The emotions from this outburst hit me about 5 hours later - due to my repressive personality. Though they were still tempered due to these fantastic pills that I'm on. Things went back to normal quickly - neither of us being the type to let things fester.

The big news of the day though - his house is on the market. I think I'm still reeling from the shock. I really didn't believe that he'd actually leave her. Though of course he hasn't yet; but it's looking more likely by the day.

I'm trying not to feel excited but not really succeeding. I'm hoping that for my sake once he's single I wont feel as attracted to him but I'm not sure that that'll be the case. It's dangerous - this is not a position that any intelligent girl relishes surely?!

To make things even more complicated in my fuddled mind; because he doesn't actually want to sell it - he suggested me moving into his house - as his lodger. My God - I don't think I've ever heard such a ludicrous proposal. I mean think about how it would work; I'd be renting his spare room. Can you imagine how much willpower (which I might add I have very little of when it comes to him) it would take to go to bed in my own room and feign that there was no sexual dynamic to our relationship?! Right - impossible. He must know that it would be impossible though.... So, what? He wants to move her out and me in. What the...?! That's such a stupid idea that I'm tempted to do it; stands to reason with my history of choosing the most ill-advised path possible.

Don't worry though - my friends and family will talk some sense into me.

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Newbie said...

Darling, as one of your aforementioned friends I will do what I can.

DON'T MOVE IN WITH THAT MAN!! I love you but if you do move in now think how much good stuff you'd miss if you did get together!!

I do love you though, and mightily xx