Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Princess is asked to save everyone else's skin.

He called me tonight when I got home from work after he'd been in a really bad mood all day. He said he thought I was in a strop when I left the office; I wasn't - it was just a long day.

He told me that he was refusing my holiday application because we needed to have a full month to close some decent business; otherwise he was worried that there wouldn't be a business next month.

If I wasn't pissed off in the first place I was now. I mean; is this my responsibility?! Should the pressure that he's feeling be passed down to me? It drives me mad that he thinks that it's acceptable to put the onus on me to keep the rest of the company in a job. Everyone else is OK to carry on as usual - take their days off; work at their own pace. I've been upping the ante for the last two months, putting as much effort as I possibly can into generating business while he doesn't seem to have even changed up a gear. He can spend two days writing a html email while in two days I'm expected to do over a hundred cold calls; four sales orders; eight quotes and spend four hours planning - all of which has to be reported - in the same time span. It sucks!

I'm still going to put as much effort as possible in; just to prove a stupid point. Just wanted to have a whinge.

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