Friday, 21 September 2007


I hate to sound conceited (though of course, I am) but I'm a little worried that if I did leave my present position (the interview went well, though I do have competition so we'll see) it may be his undoing.

It has become increasingly obvious over the last few weeks that he doesn't really do much at all. Most of his time recently has been taken touching up, or gazing at photographs of beautiful women (some taken by him, some not) under the guise of helping his 'ex' out with her marketing for her hairdressing business.

Of course he has survived without me before (he has indicated that he won't be looking to replace me) but the general consensus from my clients is that they don't like him very much (to put it mildly). One of them even referred to him as 'just a twat'. Poor love.

I really hope that these concerns are due to my over-inflated ego and are not in any way based on facts.

On the plus side; my potential new boss is in no way shaggable and also he indicated that my leaving the company would be 'better for us as we can be more open'. This made me feel very warm and smiley and made the newly cynical-about-men K say that he was a 'sweetie'. I nearly fell off my chair!

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