Tuesday, 18 September 2007

This one's for you Newbie

I've just got back from another money-dedicated marathon. My dad agreed to save me from destitution again so I've been driving all over the country in order to get pick up cheques and get them signed by siblings - it's a logistical nightmare when your saviour leaves the country let me tell you. This instead of spending the evening with him, which I was gutted about as we've been getting on so well recently...

However, I do have a job interview on Thursday which is good for three reasons;

  1. More money.
  2. I won't be sleeping with the boss anymore if I get it.
  3. It's in an industry similar to mine but not the same so I will get to keep some of my clients - hopefully.

So that's the good stuff. The bad stuff is;

  1. I won't be sleeping with the boss anymore.
  2. I might not love it as much as I love my current job.
  3. I find it really, really stressful starting a new job.

Unfortunately I cannot continue in my current financial position for much longer. My dad has never said no to helping me out as he realises how difficult it is surviving on your own; knows how stressed I get about money; and appreciates the effort that I put in to trying to survive on my own (shopping trips aside). My recent lack of funds has, however, enabled me to appreciate the finer things in my life.

My kitten is currently being very vocal about the fact that I was late home. Despite a game of 'bull fights' (involves me holding a blanket, him running into it and me throwing it on him, wrapping him up and tickling him) he's still in need of further attention. He is without a doubt the best £150 I have ever spent. It's so wonderful that I have a friend at home who always helps with the chores (hanging the washing out, emptying the bins and cleaning the floors being the favourites), constantly makes you laugh (running into the bathroom, jumping onto the toilet and sliding into the bin and such like) and cuddles you all night.

Another good thing is that as he is skint at the moment, instead of going out for a meal on Saturday night we had a night in with a DVD and cuddled up on the sofa - like a normal couple. Lovely.

I'm really hoping this new job thing works out. If I had to move out of my flat (God forbid) and move in with someone else I think I'd go insane. I've read enough in Newbie's blog to know that. I do realise that I'm well on my way to becoming a mad cat woman by the way.

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