Sunday, 27 July 2008

I have discovered the gym and it's like heaven!

I really can't believe that I thought that I'd hate the gym; I love it! How cool is getting a machine to tell you how well you're doing, how many calories you've burned and how many minutes/seconds you have go to go until you've reached your goals. Then, you get to go for a swim, steam and jacuzzi to relax your muscles. Amazing! I could do without the retards who think that you'd really like to be hit on whilst red-faced, sweating and out of breath but I suppose you have to take the rough with the smooth.

We've had a death in the family - Splinter had to be put down last week. He apparently had mange (which the first vet I saw after he'd had a stroke) failed to tell me... He was so itchy that he CHEWED HALF OF HIS TAIL OFF!! It was incredibly distressing for me; he didn't seem that bothered. I decided that as he'd had at least one, possibly two strokes and was a geriatric and there is no cure for mange it was time to 'do the right thing'. Very sad.

I have completely severed contact with K... I think it's probably for the best. We'd grown in such different directions that it was becoming harder and harder for me to withhold my opinions on her life choices. Things are a lot easier if you hang around with people who have a similar set of morals and a similar outlook on life.

I also met a boy last weekend at Bug Jam. He's rather lovely and lives about an hour and a half away (on my sales territory no less). He has a job and a driving license but would you believe it? He doesn't have a wife! Unfortunately he has just come out of a five year relationship and is saying that he wants to be single... I'm not really trying to be his girlfriend at the moment but we do get on so well that I think it would be a shame to lose the connection. He's coming to see me next weekend and I am a teeny bit excited. Whoop whoop!


Mr Grim said...

I'm sure there's a gag here about machines making you feel good, red faced n sweaty, but I’ll avoid it in the interests of not wanting to die ^_^
Poor Splinter. Still, seems the bugger had good innings for a rodent. I'd want to bill the first vet for their screw up though.
Seems to be a blog of losses and gains this week. K and Splinter into the L column, A new outlet for your ceaseless energies and a potential new fella into the gains. I guess that's the law of equivalent exchange coming into play :)

Newbie said...

OOh yay, good times ahoy!

Sorry to hear about Splinter my sweet, I'm sure he is looking out for you from ratty heaven where he no longer itches.

And judging by the grief she's been giving you for some time, maybe you'll be happier without K. Sounds like the right thing xxx

The Princess said...

Thanks Newb. I was thinking today how totally fucked up it is that she's still talking to Mr Violent and yet not speaking to me... Not that I really want to rekindle the relationship but it makes you wonder where people are coming from doesn't it?