Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I've broken something...

I'm in so much pain! I can hardly breathe... I think I must have overdone it at kickboxing last night - may have been the 14 lb gloves and the sheer aggression with which I attacked the pads but I've pulled something in my back. I was alright until I did the hoovering but since then it's steadily seized up more and more... God knows how I'm going to get dressed tomorrow.

I still went for my run though, and I'm on day 2 of the Special K diet. Don't seem to have lost any weight yet which is a little disappointing (I am the least patient person I know) but I'm going to stick at it. Ran a mile (well ran a bit and walked a bit but mostly ran) even with my new injury so feel very proud. Not sure about the shade of red that my face has gone but I suppose this is what they refer to as a 'healthy glow' (hopefully no one will say 'ruddy').

I'm most impressed with Tesco at the moment - managed to get a skipping rope (which due to my pulled muscle I may not be able to use for a few years) for £3 and some trainers to run in for £5. That's what we like! Running in fashion trainers wasn't doing my knees any favours. Ended up in the queue behind The Engineer's best friend though. He didn't know who I was since I was a secret but isn't it always the way when you're trying to forget someone things keep popping up to remind you of them?

I wouldn't mind Paulo Nutini coming to kiss my back better...

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Mr Grim said...

Booo back muscles are just the worst things to break but well done on doing the run with it! They do seem to fix themselves much faster if you try n stay active n keep moving it. Still hurts like a fucker, mind you, but i'd sooner put up with 3 days of pain than a week. I hope you feel better soon :)
Cheap stuff is great isn' it? I hope your kitteh doesn't try n grab the rope while your trying to use it tho ;)