Saturday, 4 October 2008

What has happened to people?

I went out with my cousin last night. I haven't seen her for ages as she hasn't been coming to the gym with me - she told me that she had been having stomach pains and that the doctor had advised her to stop exercising for a while.

Last night she confessed that that wasn't entirely true and that she had become pregnant by her (insanely possessive) boyfriend and had had a termination. She already has a two year old by another man and so having an abortion was very difficult for her (as I'm sure it is for most people).

Later on in the evening we went back to her flat before I got a taxi home and she was sick. I left her and her boyfriend to it at that point and came home. At 4.30 am I got a phone call from her screaming and crying saying the he had left her after calling her a 'slag' for going out and getting drunk... After a while she calmed down and I went back to sleep.

When I called her this morning I asked her how things were and she told me they weren't good. I responded by saying that I didn't see that she'd done anything wrong. She said 'I have, I went out and got drunk while I'm pregnant'. It turns out that since having her abortion she has had unprotected sex again and that she has done a pregnancy test that has come back positive. The doctor said that it might be remnants from the last pregnancy but she is fairly sure that she is.

Further to that I saw a friend of K's out last night who told me that her boyfriend now beats her as regularly as once a week and in front of her child. This I find utterly despicable. I'm sorry but I don't feel any pity for K; I just feel angry that she can put her feelings in front of the wellbeing of her child. Way to fuck a kid up!

Now I have to ask the question; where the hell has people's sense of responsibility gone?

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Mr Grim said...

A very sad n poignant question. Alas it is also one I cannot answer :(

Boo @ life.