Tuesday, 30 September 2008

But I might be cynical,

I'm really trying with the internet dating thing but it's making me feel three things;

1) Shallow
2) Desperate
3) Irritated

Not good traits.

The first is because when a guy messages me and it's not a fantastically interesting or funny message then I look at his profile picture and if he's not attractive I instantly dismiss any chance of any kind of romance developing.

The second because I keep thinking that even when I trawl the massive internet I can't find anyone suitable to go for a drink with, let alone start a family with. Is there anyone out there? It might never happen for me... I might have to artificially inseminate myself!!

The third? New best friends. I hate the people who assume that if you've chatted to them once you want to speak to them every time you go online. Also saying things like 'I escaped a sales career; thank god' is a bit annoying as is 'you should change your sales territory so you can visit me'. Why can't I just ignore these people? The same reason I can't ignore someone who's talking to me in a bar; I'm too damn polite.

Oh and by the way boys; quoting The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in your profile is not cool.

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Mr Grim said...

Damn, that last line made me actually laugh out loud. Go you!

Those are bad things to be made to feel though but stick with it just a bit longer - At least your trying it which is more than I can say about my lazyass self (although you are inspiring me to try it again).