Wednesday, 8 October 2008

All I have to do, is not have sex with him.

I can't remember whether I said so on here or not but I decided a while back that I'm not going to have casual sex anymore. I'm going to wait to have sex with someone that I can foresee having a relationship with.

Well; I'm struggling. It's been nearly two months now (TWO WHOLE MONTHS) and though I have the best intentions I'm pretty sure that spending all my time in the gym 'working out my frustrations' is not doing me any good as I spend about 70 minutes discreetly ogling all the buff young men in there. Add to this the temptation of one of the 23 year olds who works there having a bit of a crush on me and you've got a recipe for my best laid (if you'll excuse the pun) plans being cast aside in favour of some strenuous tests of my new found stamina.

I've got to admit that it does seem a bit of a shame that my new body is yet to be fully appreciated in all it's glory (ha ha), my new energy is mostly unspent... I give it a month before I cave.

I was talking to one of my other friends who works at the gym, D, and we were discussing whether I should/shouldn't go out with this guy, T, if he asked. My argument was that I'd said that I was going to wait for someone I could see myself having a relationship with and I couldn't see that happening with T. He said that I couldn't say that unless I went on a date. I said T wasn't intelligent enough. He said that might not matter. I said 'but he wouldn't find it interesting when I talk about the current financial climate!' He said 'no one finds that interesting'. Good point. What do you think? Could I have toy boy himbo? Perhaps it'd be easier. Apart from sex though; what would he offer?

On the online dating front; I have managed to attract someone resembling a young Christopher Biggins who assumes that I find him really interesting, insults my career choice and invites himself round for dinner. Despite the fact that I've been studiously ignoring him he still tries to make contact offering useful advice about training. I have this covered by two other young men (see paragraph above).

I made contact with a couple of others but the exchanges have become a bit dull already. I'm also chatting to an old school friend of my brother's on Facebook who is quite cute but I think he might be gay.

I'm going away with Mr Bug Jam this weekend to France. We're just friends now but I have a feeling that once I've had a load of alcohol I'm going to find it very difficult to control myself... All I have to do, is not have sex with him.


Newbie said...

So let us know how the sex goes!

Miss you too you lovely thing xx

The Princess said...

Yeah very funny.