Friday, 13 June 2008


I haven't blogged for ages because I'm really bloody happy at the moment and therefore find it difficult to write... No one wants to hear happy; do they?

However, I'm well annoyed tonight. I've just been out with my beautiful cousin and she informed me that she's going to ask her insecure, part time drug dealer, ignorant yet opinionated boyfriend of four months to move in with her and her two year old son.

The last time I went out with my cousin I had the pleasure of experiencing said boyfriend lecturing me on how I should not be seeing two men at the same time and that I shouldn't expect him to set me up with his (emotionally and intellectually retarded) friends as they like 'nice girls' (i.e. girls who wear chastity belts if they're not in an exclusive relationship.

After I had expressed my concerns regarding her plans she invited the two bit drug dealer who demonstrates that money can't buy style to join us and when I informed them that I was leaving (about five minutes) after he arrived he had the cheek to protest that I was leaving on account of him arriving.

Further to this my other friend, who's boyfriend hit her a few weeks ago, has asked me to meet up with said wife beater and 'listen to what he has to say'. What's he got to say I wonder? Is he going to give me a valid reason for hitting her? I'm sure he could but that really isn't the point is it? I know a woman has a responsibility not to push a man to far but I still can't respect a man who raises his hand to a woman.

And now I'm the bad girl. Apparently I'm the one who is not supporting her friend and is therefore a bad friend.

I don't fucking care! At some point, someone has to stand up and say 'that's not right' and if you all think I'm an arsehole for doing it then SO BE IT.

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Mr Grim said...

*Waves his big foam pointing hand with GO PRINCESS written on it*

It's great to hear your happy n doing well, seems your friends are in need of your strength atm. Be strong! Kick ass! Eat cake! ^_^