Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Virgin Pie

Yay for Virgin Pie Parties! What a fantastic idea. I know what Mr. Grim was thinking (or thereabouts) but how about everyone who's never cooked a pie before cooks one and brings them to a party with all their friends so that they can all test each other's pie making skills... Amazing.

My cat has a hairball and is sitting on the coffee table coughing. I know he's going to yak all over my carpet soon.... What can you do though? Short of
tape a bag round his head. No - I've already killed one pet (Token II) this month - not going to kill another. Although Splinter isn't looking very well at the moment. He seems to be panting quite a lot and he is a geriatric really. Poor old boy.

I put some oil in my car today. It's very easy - so easy in fact that I can't believe I didn't do it before - could've saved myself £1700 and a lot of hassle. Still I suppose it's another lesson learned. I won't blow my engine up again. At least not from not putting oil in it.

I've got the day off on Thursday to go shopping - woo hoo! Work do on Friday too which should be a right laugh. I've got a great self defense move to do on our leery colleague if he decides to get gropey which I'm really looking forward to. It's called the body shock and I'll let you know how it goes.


Mr Grim said...

Yay for being an inspiration! And of course, I was in no way implying that anyone should make a pie out of actual virgins... Isn't that right Mrs. Lovett? *nodnods*
Poor lil splinter. He certainly has had good innings tho I hope he picks up again.
Oh, I hope you remembered to check your water while you were looking at the oil too ;)
Is this a new leery colleague or an old one? I look forward to reading the proceedings ^_^

Newbie said...

Tried to post this comment three sodding times, computer keeps eating it!

Please don't try out your death move on me this Sunday! Would it be ok if I kidnap you from 6 onwards? I will be all yours til at least 10 xx

Glad you're back princess xxx