Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Fish

This is my new fish; his name is Kiss. I had to buy him because I dropped a rock on Token II and killed him. Whoops! I'm going to try very hard not to kill Kiss as he looks like he's wearing lipstick and that's just too cool.

I had a Virgin Vie party on Friday night which was really good because it meant inviting a load of laydees to my flat. I really like entertaining and I now want to do more of it.

I invited my neighbour from upstairs, she's a GP and is very funny and drinks as much as me (which is comforting). I also invited a few of my of my colleagues. One of them called me and asked me if I lived in the (slightly down market) flats next to mine and when I said 'do you really think I'd live there?' she replied 'well you're only renting aren't you? A flats a flat isn't it?' I suppose I deserved it for being snobby in the first place but it did make me think that perhaps she's a bit of a bitch. Oh well.

Other than that I've just been 'pottering' really; one of my favorite pastimes but also completely necessary as I'm skint!

I have been entertaining myself by writing a shopping list of things that I'm going to buy when I get paid on Thursday. I might even take the afternoon off so that I can spend all of my money without delay.

I have changed my status to 'married' on Facebook but am slightly disappointed that only one of my friends asked me what the wedding was like. I also got a little bit irritated with The Engineer for being so bloody pleased with himself for having reproduced. I mean I know that people are proud of their offspring and like to spout on about them but does that mean that they become totally oblivious to how boring it makes them sound?

I suppose that really my irritation is down to me being ever-so-slightly jealous - completely irrational as I don't want t kid at the moment, I want a job with O2 (that pays better and means that I'd be able to drive a Porsche - couldn't get a child seat in a Cayman).

Funny things - emotions.

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Mr Grim said...

Yay more updates!
Boo Poor TolkenII
Yay a virgin pie party... Waitwhat?

Ok I'll admit I had to read that twice before it clicked what you'd written, altho I must admit the first mental images were a little... disturbed to say the least *cough*
Still, good to hear your keeping yourself occupied and things are still ticking along. Pitty The Engineer seems to be a bit of a spaz atm but kids do that. Give it 3 weeks of sleepless nights n his tune will change ;)