Sunday, 23 March 2008

Pretty Flowers

So hard to write!

For so long I've written about being miserable; complained and bitched and so on... Now I'm happy I'm struggling to find my voice!

Midgey is having words at the moment and I could bitch about that but really - he's so lovely that I think i might even struggle with that.

I've been at my friend K's house tonight and she's it the first stages of falling in love - I told her and her new man something that my last boyfriend told to me in the hope that they don't wreck what they have in their pursuit of the ideal.

I told them that they had a flower in their hand, and if they looked down they would see they were standing in a little patch of flowers.... That if they let those flowers grow that maybe in some time they might be standing in a whole field of flowers and in time those flowers would stretch as far as the eye could see...

Me and my last boyfriend made an awful mess of things. I really hope K and her man don't.

1 comment:

Mr Grim said...

Aww we dont mind you bitching ;)
Sorry to hear about the last bf tho :(
*passes you a cookie*

oo and good luck K!