Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Did you miss me?

I'm not sure that coming off the drugs was such a great idea. I'm down to one tablet every three days now and although this is part of the whole 'personal development plan' I'm now getting my old feelings back and the one that I remember being most keen to get rid of is fury.

This fury is mainly directed towards men; that'd be any man who tries to objectify me or stand in my way, who succeeds despite having put half the amount of effort in than I did, who earns 25% more than me because there's no chance he'll ever have to go on maternity leave, who can leave the pub when he wants because it's 75% safer for him to walk home alone, who doesn't have to put up with being told he's 'having a blonde moment', who can have a cat without being told it's a baby substitute, who can't - no matter how hard his female friend insists, repeats and explains - get it into his head that we'll never be more than just friends, who continually lets his emotions get in the way of a professional relationship and then criticises women for doing just that, for always thinking with their cock and believing that this absolves them from any moral responsibility, for never growing up and seeming to get away with it, for leering, for being physically stronger and therefore always slightly intimidating no matter how stupid, for lying and cheating, and for being able to lie and cheat but for some reason not being degraded or named for doing that, for still having an antiquarian attitude towards no strings sex when it's a woman having it, for bullshitting and for calling me 'love', 'babe', 'sweetheart' or 'darlin'' when he doesn't know me.


Mr Grim said...

Aww we missed you :)
Ima go cower in the corner now --->

The Princess said...

Yeah you do that MR!! Two things I need to remember; Being drug free gives me fury and wine makes me fat.

Mr Grim said...

*swaps the wine for grape flavoured water and runs like hell*