Thursday, 6 March 2008

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

I've just looked at my phone and it appears that the message that I quoted earlier has not actually delivered... I've changed my phone settings so that the minimum 'validity period' for SMSs is enabled but would appreciate anyone's feedback on whether the message's validity period is set when you send the message or whether it can be influenced after you've sent it. I know I'm the one who works in the telecommunications industry but hey - is that the point?!

Everyone is having babies by the way... Oh yeah!! I'm going to be an aunty... I'm really chuffed... a little pinky baby to play with! My friend just had one too... 10.5 lbs... My goodness! Born on the 29th February too.. A special little person.

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Mr Grim said...

As far as i was aware, the vadility setting only applies to mails sent after you've set it. it kinda attaches it self to the text your sending at the time and each time after that. It could be that your msg couldn't be deliverd to his phone at the time so it gets thrown into a backburner que that sometimes takes 24hrs to almost a week to get deliverd.
Grats on being an aunty btw ^_^