Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I've only been and gawn and bleedin' done it!

I did it. I hit my target - all the strife and effort and hard work and sleepless nights and preparation and effort have really, finally come into fruition. If you don't know; or if I didn't tell you (I can't remember); or indeed if you can't remember; hitting my target for this quarter was worth a £2k bonus.

Having lived with an income £200 below my expenditure (and not an extravagant expenditure - just essentials and prior commitments) for the last six months this target/bonus has been massively important.

I've got to say though - achieving it has been such a massive anti-climax and - as is my nature - I lost sleep last night thinking. This time though it was thinking about which debt I would pay with the bonus. Ha ha - got to worry about something!

The thing is, I've been struggling for so long to achieve such mammoth targets that now that I've restructured my life to make my targets more 'bite size' and easier to achieve I think I might miss the pressure.

But not much.


Mr Grim said...

Wheeeee yay well done!! Now... could i borrow a fiver? ;)

I jest, dont kill meeee >.<

The Princess said...

Anytime! x

Newbie said...

WEEEEEEEEELL DOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!! I am totally thrilled for you, and insist that you come and visit instantly and take me out and treat me right!