Tuesday, 8 September 2009

100th Post!!

Is it too much to be looking for a new job and love at the same time? Probably. Can I sustain that level of rejection? Hmmm... Not sure.

I'm fed up with work. I'm fed up with busting my ass for sales only to have all the other elements involved fuck it all up at the last minute and I'm fed up of getting crap commission so I'm looking for a job. Not the best time though is it? Ah well - we'll see what happens.

On the love front; I messaged two blokes and they didn't message me back. What's all that about? I dunno - no wonder us women wait for the blokes to make the first move. But hey, I feel your pain fellas - you guys are expected to just get used to the rejection.

I'm also fed up of A not being able to keep his emotions in check. This is where everyone gets to have a little gloat cos they told me that my relationship with him would cause me problems. He needs to get his ass to Vipassana - that's where I learned to rationalise my emotions.

I'll let you know how it goes. Happy 100th my lovelies. x


Mr Grim said...

Yay! Happy 100th post! I'm only sorry I'm late in posting in a post... Hmm feels oddly paradoxic typing that.
I wish you the best of luck wif your job hunting. Good news on the radio reciently that the jobs market is showing signs of pickup so someone as funky as your self shouldn't have too much of an issue ;)
Boo on the male front tho. Fix fresh road kill to their front doors (Use apoxy resin instead of nails, makes less noise and harder to clean up). That's a subtle way of making yourself feel better :) Might work ok this 'A' person too.
On a less fun note, rejection does indeed suck. Takes real guts to try though. Take heart in that! :)

Kate said...

Just wanted to say good luck with the job hunting. When I was last unemployed I ended up getting a date with my recruitment consultant so it can help your love life. (Sadly in my case I decided I didn't really like him and spent months screening his calls but it could have worked...)

Goof luck anyway

Kate x