Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So you work your ass off; take as much advice as you can from the powers that be, go above and beyond the call of duty, make sure you’re prepared for every meeting, state your intentions, let them all know how ambitious you are and help to improve the procedures within the company. You do all this and still self generate all of your own sales and come joint 1st on the league table.

He works part time hours on a full time contract. He states this in front of you and your colleagues on a regular basis, he doesn’t work on Fridays. He talks about sex openly and crudely in front of colleagues and business associates alike. When the company decides to track everyone, he’s the one with his phone switched off. He is given handed sales leads to convert and comes joint 1st on the league table.

So when it comes down to it; who gets offered a promotion?


Mr Grim said...

Oh I so hope this isn't going where it looks like it's going - that's so unfair! If it's not you, dead things are going to be epoxy-resin'd to every pannel on his car. Bastard.

Kate said...

Thats harsh - had a similar situation I my first job. Am wishing you luck.

Kate x