Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Good News Post

Lots of good news.

I have a new friend at work, H. She's from Belfast and has a similar work ethic to me. She's a bit more 'play hard' than I am these days but we're on par with the 'work hard' part. It's great because the friend that I used to talk to about work stress buggered off to Australia about 6 months ago so having someone to sound off to is a godsend. Also it's nice to have another strong female in my everyday life again. I'm fed up of being the only one.

I am also now my trainer's strongest lady client. Go me! I can now dumb bell press 12.5 kg. I'm impressed - I have no doubt you are too. Plus I am a whole stone lighter than I was when I started. K would like to feel proud of me but his relationship with me prevents him from doing so, so I am just gonna have to be proud of myself.

I have lots of big sales in the pipeline. Great news.

On the 'I'm not entirely sure if this is good news' front... I have a new boss and I think that he fancies me. I'm not wanting to sound conceited (though those of you who know me know that I am) or anything but most of my bosses seem to develop some kind of thing for me and I'm not sure why. At the moment it's just an feeling that I get from him - he makes a thing of having private 'in' jokes with me and points out how unprofessional that is. Tonight I called him about work and he kept me talking for over 25 minutes - not about work. I was telling him about training last night and he was saying that he had all these images of me in his head 'lifting weights and stuff'. What do you reckon? I reckon he wants a bit. Of course if anything were to happen it would be utterly disastrous... A would be horrified and would hate me because he thinks that he has some claim over me. It would be an insult to him if I went off with another older man; he wouldn't be able to rationalise his emotions and he'd be vile to me. I'm tempted to do it just for the drama.

Jokes! Not really guys. My days of throwing spanners in works are over. I'm a good girl now.

More good news - I'm going to bloody India! Woo hoo... On holiday. I'm really hoping to have a fantastic time, not like the time that I went to South Africa and HATED it. I am confident that it won't be like that because I'm going with like-minded people. Hopefully we will sit talking and philosophising and reminiscing until the early hours of each morning and spend our days drinking in the culture. I will be taking my journal in the hope that I find inspiration!

The next post will be my 100th! I'd better go and have an adventure to write about.


Mr Grim said...

Wa-hoo! Go you indeed! ^_^ Hope you make your sales too and have a fantastic time in Inda. Boo on the boss front tho, watch your self with that >.<
Dumb bell press 12.5kg you say? Well done you! I'd prolly flag out just looking at the thing.

Mr Grim said...
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