Friday, 20 February 2009

Further observations

I am orally fixated. I'm not sure that I can lay this at the door of my new found celibacy but nevertheless it's a fact. Perhaps forgoing sensation, sensuality (though little of the sex that I've had over the last year or so could claim to be either of these things) makes the senses more acute. I'm not sure but for some reason, eating, drinking, even licking my lips seems to have become a delightfully epicurean experience.

Further to this I am much more inclined to fantasise about being a loving relationship in pursuit of mutual gratification rather than selfish, hedonistic reward.

I've also found myself with a lot more intellectual energy and have started to read in earnest... I have also invested in a new journal so that I can write down thoughts and quotes along the way.

I wonder how long I'll last...?

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Mr Grim said...



*composes self*
Make it last a year, and date each one to yourself, 12 months from the date of writing. It'd be interesting to see how you are then, to how your feeling now.