Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Sick and tired.

Keeping a positive attitude up when you're not predisposed towards it is very difficult.

Whilst I must confess that much of what I set out to achieve throughout January I have accomplished; I still have some major issues that it seems the society in which I live is unwilling to lend a hand with. I'm speaking mainly of my debts - the majority of which I acquired educating myself. I'm reading a self help book at the moment that says that the statement 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer' is a fallacy but at the moment I'm not sure that I agree. I've been trying to survive on my basic wage (about £18k) for the last 6 months and it's practically impossible when you're accustomed to earning - and have budgeted for earning - more than double that. The more money I try to borrow to cover my outgoings, the more I fall behind, the more I can't afford to fix the problem. What are you supposed to do when your incomings fall £300 short of your outgoings? I can't stomach the idea of changing my lifestyle drastically (i.e. moving out of my flat into something more 'affordable') as I know that long term I can afford to live this way - my financial problems are a short term issue. The bank, however, are not so convinced (though they are thieving scum who think that £35 is a reasonable sum to charge for sending a letter).

My manager compared me today to a little duck - everything looks OK on the surface but under the water my legs are going like fuck to keep me swimming against the current. How true!

I'm sure that somewhere along this line a mysterious benefactor is supposed to step in.

There are worse things that could be happening though. I'm healthy and so is my family. No matter how skint I get they can't take away my education. My cat loves me and I've got all my limbs... I might be getting the hang of this positive thinking!


Mr Grim said...

Thats the spirit! PMA! Chin up! Wot wot! Ok thats enough of the cheese. You are, however, an inspiration to try n keep an eye on the bright side of things. I've been shifted to a shite department at work n my manager keeps lying to my face. Upside - i think he's worried im going to rape him with a fire extinguisher and is trying to keep me sweet by treating me like an idiot. I've also been card scammed for over 600 quid. Upside? someone out there in the world is desperatly worse off than me to be risking such things. So i can understand what your going through and no, it's not easy, but then anything worth having in this world is always worth the fight to get to. Even Prada on 50% discount 1 time only sales :)

The Princess said...

Funny I found out today that I've apparently subscribed to an 'adult' site - they took £15.85 from me today and who knows where it will end. The bank gave me their phone number but amazingly it doesn't work... Canceling my card apparently wont help as they now have access to my account. If only I didn't surf porn sites whilst drinking I could inform the bank, with true conviction, that I know nothing of this 'agreement'. I SWEAR I haven't surfed porn for about 4 months though.

Still - it's not £600. God I can't wait for the day when I can buy Prada rather than Primark again.

Newbie said...

Nothin' wrong with Primark...