Thursday, 7 February 2008

Porn and Fraud

Had a new experience today; I think I'll call it 'porn prejudice'.

I've only just realised that some dodgy internet company has been taking money out of my account regularly. I called my bank as I'm certain that I haven't agreed to any kind of subscription charges (I haven't been doing much surfing in recent months) and asked them to stop the company from taking money from my account. I was informed at this point that the company was an 'adult website' and that I may have agreed to subscription charges. They gave me a number to call to clarify what was happening.

I called the number - it wasn't in service so I called my bank back and asked them to stop the payment. The woman on the end of the phone asked me (in a snotty tone) whether I knew what kind of site this was relating to. Er, yeah - I was told that the first time round... Just because I visit 'adult' sites does that mean that those sites have carte blanche to rip me off?! Yeah, alright bank lady. Any chance I could borrow your twin set?

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Mr Grim said...

Hmm, paying for free porn? What is this nobel concept of which you type? I must train you in the ways of Emule ^_^

BTW hope you get the iffy withdrawalls (spelling?) sorted >.<