Thursday, 7 February 2008

Last one tonight I promise!

Married men; they're alright for a while and then they get all sentimental... (about their wives, not me) All I really want is a man who's not totally self absorbed.

However; recently I've realised that the only reason married men don't appear self absorbed is that they're emotionally absorbed elsewhere (i.e. with their wives/children/pets). They're probably still making the wife think about what's best for him.

If I have to have a bloke then I want one who gives me empathy, encouragement and reassurance. I give these without even having to think about it... Are there men who do that? These days I've just been settling for those who don't try to inhibit my way of life... Human relations present so many complex emotions! Though I suppose if it were less emotional it would be less interesting.


Mr Grim said...

I think the problem with liaising with married folk is the fact they are liaising back in the first place. Something must be wrong at home for them to feel so empty that they seek out comfort elsewhere (yeah, I’m talking from experience again, damn that makes me feel old) and in doing so, want you to fill that void. I think by that nature they are going to be more self absorbed than someone who's single and reasonably contented with themselves. Perhaps someone should start a dating agency for “reasonable contented people” who are seeking someone to spoil with hugs n cups of warm tea in the mornings?

Newbie said...

My Kiwi tries, which I think is the best you can hope for. My conclusions regarding this are that it just doesn't come naturally to the mens to nurture - much more to protect and provide (traditionally speaking obv).

So if one remembers what you say you like and tries to give you a hug if you're not looking too joyful, I think you're about three quarters of the way there. They do exist but maybe not where you live. We have long established that the men there are a total dead end!

(Move to London!)

Mr Grim said...

Or turn gay :P

Newbie said...

Where have you gone???

Mr Grim said...

Oh noes! Some evil ISP has stolen her internets! The Horror!

She should be back to entertain and envoke us soon hopefully :)