Thursday, 4 October 2007

A trip to Boredonia.

God, is there anything more tedious than being a sales person who has handed their notice in?

I finish tomorrow and this week has really dragged. I've closed as much business as I can but what's the point in me going hell-for-leather to try and get new stuff in when I'm not going to see the commission from it? Maybe he'd buy me another new dress but he's on a basic salary so it doesn't really make any difference - he could buy me one anyway!

I condescended to do some cold calling this afternoon just so it looked to the rest of the company like he has some authority over me. He doesn't really though - I shagged him in my lunch hour today and after that it's a bit difficult to pull rank on someone... Anyway - I got so bored whilst calling that I decided to have a game of naughts and crosses with myself. Naughts won the most but the majority of games were a draw.

I've got an inspection on my flat tomorrow so all animals have to be vacated from the building. I also threw out my crappy chest of draws that was falling apart so this evening will be spent trying to fit four drawers of clothes into two draws. Boo!


Newbie said...

Shagged him on your lunch break?? You hussy! I am jealous. Was it over a desk?

The Princess said...

No - it was at my flat... I don't like an audience!

Newbie said...

Nice lunchbreak, think I would prefer some action over my lunchbreak than some heinz tomato soup... damn poverty diet!

The Princess said...

Yeah... One of the perks of the job I will definately miss.