Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Tell the truth... I dare you, you spineless son of a bitch!

What the fuck is it with men that means that they find it impossible to tell you the truth?! I'm a big girl - I can take it. In fact I can give it as good as I can take it. Don't spare my feelings please... It's worse in the long run.

I've just found out that he invented a story yesterday to get out of coming to see me (God isn't it awful that someone wants to 'get out of' coming to see you?). He told me that he had to go and do a disaster recovery for one of my old clients. Well I knew that this was rubbish because I used to work there and he's a salesman - there's nothing that he could do to help them - he's not a technician. So I asked if he was still coming over and he said yes, but he didn't know what time.

I'm a sensible girl; I went out anyway as I knew he was bullshitting me. At about half ten he text saying that he'd only just left and that could we see each other tonight instead. I can't; I'm busy (going for a drink with a very rich man - it helps - I promise!). I nipped into my (old) office today to get some shredded paper for my rat and had a chat with them about what happened (obviously not letting on that I knew anything about it) and they told me that it was in fact M and A who were there until ten. Quelle surprise!

So where was he I wonder. I'm guessing that it involved another woman - which I'm cool with. He did the whole 'shit yourself and back off routine' on Friday night so now, in my head, I'm no longer in a 'exclusive' relationship and am back in the game. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like this thought but isn't it always the way? They want to play but they want you to sit at home waiting for them?

The thing that really gets my goat about the situation is that he knew he wasn't coming but he still let me think he was - so I could have been sitting in crying into my cross stitch all night wondering where he was... That's what they want though isn't it?!

I spoke to K earlier and she asked me what I was going to do. I must say that I'm reluctant to give up the nice meals and the great sex but the thing with me is that it only takes a bloke to show me he's not in it for the long hall once and I've metaphorically left the building. My heart is from then on, under tight control which kind of takes the romance out of a relationship. Oh well - another one bites the dust. At least I have an opportunity to make a fresh start of things as of next Tuesday - new job, new opportunities. Let's go.

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Newbie said...

Good on you girly, you are far too good for him if he lies to you. The same is true of any relationship; friends, lovers or acquaintances.

I hate people who lie to you - it's like an insult to your intelligence, and we both know that you are a very intelligent girly.