Sunday, 28 June 2009

A Boring Catch-Up Post

I have been trying to think of things to write about for ages... I find it difficult to write when I'm not pissed off and I have to say that the majority of the time these days, I'm not pissed off.

I read back over some of my old posts the other day and was a little annoyed that most of them seem to be related to men. I feel that I must make an effort to redress this balance and I suppose this would be a good time to start since I don't have any in my life at the moment. (Though I did give up the whole celibacy thing cos it was a bit boring once I'd proved that I could do it).

I have now dieted myself back into my favorite pair of jeans which is great because I LOVE them and wear them every day, pretty much. I'm still really enjoying the fitness lark too - I have some impressive muscles... I don't look like a body builder or anything though. That would be yucky.

I'm missing not having a garden in this hot weather and I'm thinking if I don't change jobs soon I may need to think about moving; I could do with having a house with a garden. Midgey would like that too I think. I could get him a harness... He's too much of a scaredy cat to go out wandering on his own.

I'm off to India in August which I'm really looking forward to... We'll be traveling from Mumbai to Agra, then down to Goa and hopefully to Kerala for a bit and then back up to Mumbai before flying home. Though having just checked out a few bits on the internet, Kerala may be a bit ambitious so maybe we'll have to leave that bit out. I'm looking forward to the adventure though!

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Mr Grim said...

Yay! Welcome back to blog-world; we missed you ^_^
Not a boring post at all! It's nice to hear about positive things as well as the negative. Congratulations on achieving your goal to get back into your jeans and good luck on your trip, sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun for you :)